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“A couple of hours of literary discussion and sweet treats…”

Shorts & Sweets Book Group meets at 19:30 on a Thursday of every month, for a couple of hours of literary discussion and sweet treats.  Each month we’ll be discussing a different piece of short fiction (be it a short story or two, or perhaps a novella). There is no need to book in advance of coming, just come along to TOM’s Bar. Anyone is welcome, just so long as you’ve a love of good fiction (and a sweet-tooth!).

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// Event Details:
Title: Shorts & Sweets Book Club.
Date: The first Thursday of each month.
Next: Thursday 18 April 2013.
Time: 19:30 (but arrive earlier for a chat!) Bar open from 18:45.
Entrance: Free, Non-Ticketed. Email info [at] theoldmarket.com for updates. 
Additional: All welcome. Sweet treats also welcome.

// 2013 Archive

JANUARY // Sylvia Townsend Warner
Discovered and published for the first time in 2012, this month we’ll be some of the first to read four stories by Sylvia Townsend Warner, which were previously lost somewhere inside the immense New York Public Library archive. Sylvia Townsend Warner has herself been somewhat overlooked of late, as The Guardian discussed recently, but has an impressively varied catalogue of beautifully written work. Perhaps these four stories will inspire further investigation.
The Doll’s House and Other Stories

FEBRUARY //GK Chesterton
Reading short stories from the collection ‘The Club Of Queer Trades‘ by Chesterton, the “Prince of Paradox”.

MARCH // Aldous Huxley
Two short stories from the collection: Mortal Coils”, a collection of early stories from the author of Brave New World. They are stories that deal with troubles of a kind, but deal with characters who are rich and complex. We will discuss two of the stories in the collection:
>> The Giaconda Smile
>> Nuns at Luncheon

APRIL // Alan Sillitoe
This month we shall discuss two stories by one of the “angry young men” [although he didn't care for the moniker himself], Alan Sillitoe. A post-war writer whose prospect-less early life inspired his later efforts to support the under-classes, Sillitoe died in 2010. The Loneliness of the Long Distance runner, in which a Nottingham teenager takes up running to escape a life of drudgery, was the basis for a 1962 movie which you might also find interesting.

1: On Saturday Afternoon – Available Online

2: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – Only available in print

// 2012 Archive

DECEMBER // Graham Greene
The End of the Party – 1929 - Read Online
Proof Positive – 1930 - Read Online
The Destructors – 1954 - Read Online

NOVEMBER // Guy De Maupassant
The Necklace
Boul de Suif
Le Horla

OCTOBER // Month-Off

SEPTEMBER // Stephen Crane
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky
The Open Boat

AUGUST // Haruki Murakami
Shorts stories from the collection Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
The Ice Man
Hanelei Bay 

JULY // Don DeLillo
Point Omega 

JUNE // Jack London
South of the Slot
To Build a Fire
The Apostate 

MAY // Month Off (Fringe & Festival)

APRIL // Raymond Carver
Selected stories from the collection Where I’m Calling From:
A Small, Good Thing

MARCH // Julian Barnes
Sense of an Ending