Gig for a Gig with Fatboy Slim, 2019. Photo credit: Jakub Golis @ Big Egg Films

Gig for a Gig with Fatboy Slim, 2019. Photo credit: Jakub Golis @ Big Egg Films


The Old Market (or TOM, as we like to call it) was opened in 2011 by creators of the global percussive phenomenon STOMP to create an independent hub for the arts in their home city and channel some of their success back in to the local arts eco system. Under the directorship of Loretta Sacco and starting with just two staff in 2011, we now employ a passionate and engaged team of 46 full, part time and casual staff to deliver our busy schedule.

The festival-like programme at TOM is the cornerstone of our identity. We host over 200 different events every year from our multi-format (300 seat, 500 standing capacity) space. Over 55,000 people come through our doors each year to experience live music, film, boundary breaking theatre, dance, cabaret, comedy, literature, workshops and performances using new technologies, as part of our #TOMtech programme.

We are proud to work with local artists, major cultural festivals, independent promoters and esteemed national arts organisations, bringing even greater breadth to our programme. Of course, we always keep an open mind for the future, and with the introduction of our Gig for a Gig scheme, we’re also proud to support the best emerging talent and nurture their growth so that the arts can thrive for years to come.

Keep an eye out for our ‘TOM’ tags - these indicate our hand-picked events that we know you’ll love. Follow us on social media, we post interesting stuff and occasionally we can be a bit funny. Have a drink in the intimate setting of TOM’s Bar. Do all of this, and most importantly, come and see what’s going on at Brighton’s ‘hidden gem’ (not our words…)

We can’t wait to welcome you soon!

Team TOM


“TOM embodies the spirit of Brighton… cannot recommend it more to anyone that hasn't been there before, you won't regret it”


Photo credit: Michael Hundertmark Photography


Alula Cyr - Hyena, 2018. Photo credit: Mark Dawson Photography.

Alula Cyr - Hyena, 2018. Photo credit: Mark Dawson Photography.



The Old Market is Brighton and Hove’s Independent venue; started by artists and run by a team of creatives, we have a passion for seeing things in new ways and creating fresh, relevant experiences to engage, excite and inspire a diverse audience. We encourage risk taking; presenting new voices and innovative concepts. Our business is to create, programme and host memorable events that completely immerse our audiences and make the shared live experience pertinent to a new generation of cultural consumers. We provide an exciting hub for creative learning and skills development in the arts that transcends theatre as an institution and encourages innovation and experimentation.


  • Passionate and ambitious in our vision to innovate, take risks and push the boundaries of live performance.

  • Friendly and welcoming to audiences and artists alike: a place to feel inspired by our enthusiastic and professional team, with a family ethos.

  • Outward facing: collaborating with institutions, festivals, arts organisations and other industries in pursuit of hosting the most compelling events, brokering the most fruitful partnerships and learning from the wider creative tech industries.

  • Future focused: actively exploring how audiences engage and artists make work relevant for the 21st Century.


  • A rich arts programme that brings the most innovative makers to our stage.

  • An intimate home for pop culture: a place to see the latest acts, films and music.

  • An Artist Development programme that supports innovative emerging artists, with one eye on the art and one on the strategic role we play as a venue within the national and international sector.

  • TOM as a city-owned and loved resource: a one-stop culture shop for our audiences; a professional and aspirational space to host local artists, promoters and community events.



Built as part of Charles Busby’s prestigious Brunswick Town development, The Old Market has been a stables, riding school, smokery and studio over its long history. Our building dates back to 1826-8, when Charles Busby erected a market at the heart of his grand Brunswick Town construction. Although the building has been enlarged over the years, our wonderful Main House retains many of Busby’s original features; from its iconic arches to elegant wooden roof beams. You can read more about our venue’s history by clicking the button below…


“Love this place. Lots of great alternative theatre and warm and welcoming staff. I would highly recommend”


Photo credit: Richard davenport



Louise Blackwell
Luke Cresswell
Anna Jefferson
Steve McNicholas
Loretta Sacco
Michael Wilkins
Paul Winter

To email any of the staff listed below, click their name below:

Tanya Ashdown - Operations Manager
Helen Jewell - Programmer
James Turnbull - #TOMtech Guru
Lucy Stone - Development Manager
Sian Farley - Production Manager
Lee Pepper - Technical Supervisor / Sound Technician
Paul Barrow - Building Maintenance & Venue Technician
Neil Ponsford - Venue Technician
Tim Wilton - Venue Technician
Rufus - Honorary Technician and Good Boy
Mark Gordon - Marketing Manager
Andy O’Connor - Marketing Officer
Rob Hogg - Front of House & Bar Manager
Laura Scobie - Box Office & Venue Administrator
Sophie Quin - Finance Manager
Emily Proto - Finance Assistant

Amanda Allen | Marianna Bielinska | Joe Burns | Ann Cattrall | Tricia Clements | Nina Cornwall | Kieran Dacey | Alice Daniels | Chloe Dixon | Chris Doran | Mo East | Rosa Firbank | Charlie Fox | Lee Kennedy | Tanya Macleod | Jade May | Sara McCarthy | Michael ‘Mikey’ McDermott | Fergus O’Donnell | Kitty Perrin | Emma Roberston | Zuzana Sukova | Johnny Wardlow

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